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RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft & Kaspersky Lab join forces to provide enhanced cybersecurity

With on-line interconnectivity developing at an extremely fast pace, cybersecurity has become one of the key topics for modern industries. Internet 4.0 technologies and solutions are becoming more and more widespread, making data protection a crucial issue of the Industrial Internet of Things. RTSoft experts perceive the importance of this challenge and are ready to bring their unique expertise to the market.

RTSoft GmbH has partnered with Kaspersky Lab, one of the international leaders in cybersecurity software, to bring enhanced protection to the embedded technologies market. Kaspersky Lab has developed Kaspersky OS and Hypervisor - comprehensive software products with advanced cybersecurity capabilities, and RTSoft brought forward its immense expertise in the embedded market solutions and services to adapt Kaspersky Lab products to individual customers requirements.

The two companies have concluded an official partnership agreement that recognizes their commitment to offer superior solutions and customer service and certifies RTSoft as KasperskyOS Software Developer.

Within the framework of this partnership RTSoft and Kaspersky Lab presented a comprehensive concept of a secure IoT gateway during the Embedded World-2017 exhibition. The gateway manages data transfer from sensors, meters and other devices to relevant systems via the internet, which requires advanced cybersecurity. The concept has attracted significant interest from various companies, including board vendors, and has proven to be a promising direction of work.


RTSoft GmbH

Software for intelligent things

RTSoft is a leading company with more than 25 years of experience in developing Embedded/Industrial Software and IoT Solutions.

RTSoft GmbH

Join RTSoft at SPS IPC Drives 2017

RTSoft GmbH will be exhibiting at SPS IPC Drives 2017, Europe's leading exhibition for electric automation. The exhibition will be held from 28th to 30ty of November in Nuremberg. You are warmly welcome to visit booth 240 Invest in Bavaria in hall 6 to meet up with RTSoft.

RTSoft is going to present a wide range of solutions for the loT Services sector such as industrial loT, augmented reality, embedded and real-time OS and application development. Besides, RTSoft will introduce several suggestions for the sphere of automation project services: process control, safety (ESD/F&G), turn key solutions, and PLC/SCADA integration.

The main focus of the RTSoft presentation will  be shifted to the demonstration of augmented reality as a service.

RTSoft's RTSreality offers a modular approach to bringing AR to your products. The device itself is the starting point of developments, complex CAD drawings and digital models can support the AR design but are not mandatory for a solution.

RTSoft is committed to your success, implementing the latest technology innovations, industry standards and agile project management to deliver unmatched value.

Best regards

RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft at Productronica 2017 in Munich on November 14-17

RTSoft announce that they will be exhibiting at Productronica 2017, the world's trade fair for electronics development and production. Join us at our Booth 321, Hall B2.

RTSoft's demonstration will focus on:

  • Application development, Visualization and Augmented Reality
  • Cloud integration, remote updates, software lifecycle for embedded solutions
  • Industrial IoT, Fieldbuses (OPC UA, LWM2M), PLC integration (IEC61131)
  • SCADA Integration (Wonderware, Copadata and others)
  • Agile project development with Windows, Linux and RTOSes


RTSoft is a leading company with more than 25 years of experience in developing Embedded/Industrial Software and IoT Solutions. RTSoft are committed to our customer's success, adding value relying on continuous innovations in technology, industry standards and agile project management to deliver unmatched value. We ensure the high quality of development as all our software products undergo mandatory independent testing prior to delivery.



RTSoft GmbH

Advanced Hybrid Energy Management by RTSoft at Intersolar Europe-2017

RTSoft presented the latest model of microgird management system AMIGO for smart grid technologies at the Intersolar Europe international exhibition, which took place in Munich from 30 May to 02 June 2017.

Intersolar is the world's leading exhibition for the industry of alternative power engineering. Its objective is to increase the share of solar power in the energy supply and to promote the usage of renewable energy sources. This year's exposition included demonstrations of photovoltaic cells, energy storage systems, solar thermal technologies, as well as grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy.

On the stand of RTSoft, the presentation was focused on the advanced microgird management system AMIGO, which is designed for hybrid energy management. The new approach to energy management is based on combining traditional methods of fuel supply with renewable energy sources. Visitors had an opportunity to see AMIGO in action. They could change various settings of a virtual power plant in real time using a specially created interface and observe how the management strategy changed with regard of the chosen scenario. It was a chance for the audience to appreciate the advantages of AMIGO implementation. The system guarantees effective microgrid management, improves power supply reliability, optimizes energy costs and reduces production losses.

Intersolar Europe was founded 26 years ago.  During all these years it managed to become a renowned platform for exchanging experience and developing international partnerships between manufacturers and distributors of equipment and services in this field. Solutions created for this rapidly developing industry are a matter of great interest. RTSoft experts pointed out that AMIGO also attracted significant attention from potential business partners.



RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft presented innovative solutions for energy management at HANNOVER MESSE 2017

RTSoft GmbH took part in Hannover Messe  2017, the largest European industrial fair which this year celebrated its 70th anniversary. Company experts presented RTSoft innovative solutions for energy efficiency and cybersecurity. In 2017 RTSoft became an official partner of the Bavarian Energy Cluster, so this year the company shared the stand with Invest-in-Bavaria.

RTSoft GmbH focused on the modern needs of the European energy market. Visitors could test the demo model of the companies advanced icrogrid management platform  AMIGO. The system is designed to provide energy management of distributed energy resources, storage systems, local volt/var controls and demand-response units.  AMIGO is scalable and easily adaptable to various conditions, which allows it to optimize electricity costs, improve the quality of electricity and get additional benefits from the use of renewable energy sources.


Visitors could change various settings of the virtual environment in real time using a specially created interface and observe how the management strategy changed with regard of the chosen scenario. Scenarios of power systems management and operation were demonstrated with the help of RTSoft augmented reality technology, allowing users to visualize and evaluate the technical parameters and the economic effect from the implementation of the system.

Within the framework of Hannover Messe, RTSoft experts held a number of meetings with representatives of various businesses and research facilities from all over the world in order to exchange experience and develop international partnerships.




RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft – partner of Cluster Energietechnik

RTSoft GmbH has partnered with the Bavarian Energy Technology Cluster  (Cluster Energietechnik), managed by Bayern Innovativ GmbH. This organization aims to advance innovation in the pioneering sector of energy technology and create additional value in the region of Bavaria.

The Clustert supports sustainable energy development and lists five main areas of action, including renewable energies (solar energy, wind power), energy efficiency, consumption (industrial and building technology), energy storage systems and transmission and distribution networks in power supply.

Cluster Energietechnik facilitates various events that bring together market players  (businesses, utilities, other regional clusters and networks, scientific and research institutions) and create a platform for development of partnerships and cooperation. Currently about 900 companies have benefited from the Cluster portfolio and activities.

RTSoft, as an innovative company committed to delivering quality at the highest value, offers Cluster members a range of innovative software products. Our partnership network also helps us develop complex vertical solutions and customizable platforms tailored to individual customers needs. For example, AMIGO, advanced microgrid optimization system created by RTSoft experts, possesses unique functionality fitting microgrids of various scales  - from small households to isolated islands and towns.

Learn more about Cluster Energietechnik here: http://www.bayern-innovativ.de/7fd73265-36f6-2a76-2f95-367c7a19ce42?Edition=en.

Learn more about AMIGO here: http://amigo-energy.com/.


RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft presented innovative software solutions at Embedded World 2017

RTSoft GmbH has presented its solutions and services at the Embedded World 2017 exhibition that took place in Nuremberg on March 14-16. This annual event puts together world leaders of embedded hardware and software creating an unique platform for collaboration. 

This year RTSoft experts have once again demonstrated unique expertise and presented emerging technology demos:

RTSreality platform: augmented reality technologies integrated with public transport infotainment systems. Visitors could experience the world around them coming to life, with RTSreality transforming an onboard camera into a powerful tool providing information and navigation. RTSoft presented AR software platform that could be customized for customer's need. 

Unified Embedded Device Management Platform: highly scalable platform to manage IoT devices fleet. Functionality includes remote monitoring, OTA software updates and maintenance. The platform is comprised of ‘building blocks’: this structure was chosen specifically to allow rapid deployment of custom embedded device management solutions. 

Security is a crucial topic of Industrial IoT. RTSoft perceives the importance of this challenge: we have joined forces with Kaspersky Lab, one of the international leaders in cybersecurity, to provide our customers with a comprehensive concept of a secure IoT gateway.

This year the Embedded World exhibition has once again proven to be an engaging event offering wide opportunities for international cooperation and exchange. RTSoft representatives have used these opportunities to the fullest and demonstrated the companies immense expertise while learning the best practices from other market players.

RTSoft is proud to declare that their company together with Advantech, Canonical and other technology leaders has officially formed the Embedded Linux & Android Alliance  (ELAA). ELAA is committed to driving standardized board adoption of an open and unified Linux and Android OS architecture for industrial, embedded and IoT application. Participants aim to advance Linux and Android adoption in these areas by helping develop industrial standards and the open-source community. To learn more about ELAA, visit the official website: http://www.elaa-platform.org/en-us.

RTSoft specializes in innovative embedded software development and related services. Our areas of excellence include BSPs and drivers development, solution architecture design, vertical solutions (in partnership with leading market players) and software QA. Scalable and adaptable RTSoft solutions can be easily customized to your needs and requirements. We are committed to our customer's success, relying on continuous innovations in technology, industry standards and agile project management to deliver unmatched value.


RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft at Embedded World 2018

We are pleased to announce that RTSoft GmbH will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2018. Join us at our Booth 610 in Hall 4. The event will take place in Nuremberg from February 27th to March 1st, 2018. The annual exhibition puts together world leaders of embedded hardware and software, creating a unique platform for international exchange.

RTSoft’s demonstration will focus on:

  • Embedded software development
  • Vertical solution technology partnership
  • BSPs and drivers development
  • Solution architecture design
  • Software QA

Visitors will also be able to experience technological demos of RTSoft GmbH innovative solutions:

  • IoT for High-Performance Banknote Processing Systems: a case study that demonstrates an IoT solution for G+D’s Banknote Processing Systems management using LWM2M protocol.
  • Next generation User Interface control mechanism: a reference implementation of UI gesture control using a ToF camera, and ‘eye box’ view control using head tracking.
  • RTSreality presentation: augmented reality technologies integrated with public transport infotainment systems. RTSreality transforms an onboard camera into a powerful tool providing information and navigation. It can be customized in accordance with customers’ specific needs.
  • Unified Embedded Device Management Platform: a highly scalable platform to manage IoT devices. Functionality includes remote monitoring, OTA software updates and maintenance. The ‘building blocks’ structure allows rapid deployment of customized solutions.

RTSoft is committed to our customers’ success, relying on continuous innovations in technology, industry standards and agile project management to deliver unmatched value. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you better and show you what we have to offer to solve your problems and challenges.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Nuremberg at Embedded World 2018!

RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft at Hannover Messe-2018: Get your hands on advanced software solutions

Join RTSoft at Hannover Messe-2018 to experience innovation first-hand. The world’s most renowned industrial tradeshow will take place in Hannover on April 23-27. Visit us at Booth C42 Hall17. 

RTSoft experts will present our software and IoT services, including:

  • Industrial IoT
  • PLCs software
  • SCADA applications
  • Integrated automation

We will also showcase our comprehensive solutions for smart energy management:

  • Energy cost optimization
  • Investment feasibility study
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Energy supply systems control

This year RTSoft will be presenting at the booth of «Bayern Innovativ GmbH», our long-time partner. Visit Booth C42 Hall17 and experience our products first-hand! RTSoft is committed to your success, implementing the latest technology innovations, industry standards and agile project management to deliver unmatched services.

RTSoft is a leading company with more than 25 years of experience in developing smart software products for the energy sector. Wherever it is deployed: from LV substations to UHV power system control centers, it is aimed to make power management more reliable and intelligent. We welcome the opportunity to show you how our offerings can help you fulfil your goals.

To learn more, visit: http://www.hannovermesse.de/exhibitor/rtsoft/V997606.

We are looking forward to connecting with you at Hannover Messe 2018!

RTSoft GmbH

RTSoft hilft bei der Optimierung des eigenen Microgrids

Hubert Hafner, Vice President Business Development, RTSoft GmbH

Interview: Tobias Meyer, freier Mitarbeiter der elektro AUTOMATION

Elektro Automation 2/2018

Die eigene dezentrale Stromversorgung über ein hauseigenes Microgrid wird auch für einzelne Industriebetriebe zunehmend lukrativ. Dabei müssen die verschiedenen Stromquellen und andere Komponenten aber laufend aufeinander abgestimmt werden. Hubert Hafner von RTSoft erläutert, worauf es dabei ankommt und wie Algorithmen helfen können, das Netz möglichst optimal zu nutzen.

elektro AUTOMATION: Wird sich die Energieversorgung in Industriebetrieben künftig auf viele kleine Quellen verteilen?

Hubert Hafner: Mit Sicherheit. Die Effizienz der Systeme zur dezentralen Energieerzeugung – auch Distributed Energy Resources oder kurz DER genannt – wächst, während ihre Kosten immer weiter sinken. Daher beginnen immer mehr Unternehmen damit, ihre Energiekosten mithilfe von DER zu reduzieren. Die erheblichen Kosten, welche die zentrale Erzeugung und die damit verbundene Übertragung und Verteilung elektrischer Energie verursacht, verleihen der Entwicklung von DER zusätzlichen Schub, da viele Industrieunternehmen mit den technischen Herausforderungen und den hohen Kosten des Anschlusses ans Stromnetz konfrontiert sind. Viele Unternehmen haben jedoch die Möglichkeit, erneuerbare Energiequellen und Sekundärrohstoffe zu nutzen – wie beispielsweise Biogasanlagen, Schnittholz und landwirtschaftliche Abfälle, wodurch die Betriebskosten für die Stromerzeugung sinken und in der Folge die Rentabilität der dezentralen Energieerzeugung steigt.

elektro AUTOMATION: Welche Herausforderungen entstehen dadurch?

Hafner: Das Problem besteht darin, den koordinierten, optimalen Betrieb der DER zu gewährleisten, einen maximalen wirtschaftlichen Vorteil sicherzustellen und sämtliche technischen und gesetzlichen Vorgaben einzuhalten. Zudem besteht das Potenzial, auch dezentral einzuspeisen und durch die Bereitstellung von Netzdiensten – beispielsweise zur Bedarfssteuerung sowie Frequenz- und Spannungsregelung – zusätzliche Einnahmen zu generieren. Außerdem müssen Beschädigungen der dezentralen Stromerzeugungsanlagen infolge von Störungen im externen Stromversorgungsnetz vermieden werden, ebenso die Reduzierung der Wirtschaftlichkeit aufgrund eines erhöhten Verbrauchs fossiler Brennstoffe und die beschleunigte Abnutzung der lokalen Stromerzeugungsanlagen durch häufiges An- und Abschalten.

elektro AUTOMATION: Wie kann Ihre Lösung Amigo an dieser Stelle helfen?

Hafner: Amigo steht für Automatic Microgrid Optimization und ist ein Informationsmanagementsystem, mit dem Unternehmen mittels voll- und teilautomatisierter Betriebsmodi den DER-Betrieb und ihre flexiblen Lasten auf verschiedenen Ebenen optimieren können. Amigo sagt zunächst den unkontrollierten Verbrauch und die unkontrollierte Erzeugung der erneuerbaren Energiequellen voraus und erstellt anschließend eine Managementstrategie für die verbleibenden Elemente – also für die Brennstofferzeugung, Energiespeichersysteme und flexible Lasten. Die Optimierungsalgorithmen von Amigo basieren auf der ökonomischen Steuerung beziehungsweise der Steuerung der Minutenreserve – mit anderen Worten: Auf dem optimalen Management der verfügbaren Anlagen, wodurch insbesondere die Stromkosten von Verbrauchern im Rahmen der technischen Beschränkungen minimiert werden. Das Ergebnis, welches aus der Lösung des Problems der optimierten Stromversorgungsmodi durch Amigo resultiert, sind die Volumina des eingekauften und des unabhängig erzeugten Stroms sowie die Profile des Stromverbrauchs. Darüber hinaus übermittelt Amigo Schwellwerte an die Anlagen, um die Optimierungsstrategie umzusetzen. Neben der wirtschaftlichen Optimierung verwaltet und regelt das System Überflüsse in externe Stromnetze in einem Frequenzregelbereich von ± 0,05 Hz. Es reagiert auf Störgrößen (Unsymmetrien), die innerhalb des geregelten Energiesystems auftreten, ohne die Primärregelung zu beeinträchtigen. Störgrößen innerhalb des geregelten Bereichs werden innerhalb kürzester Zeit ausgeglichen.

Lesen Sie mehr https://wirautomatisierer.industrie.de/building-control/energieverteilung-fuer-bc/rtsoft-hilft-bei-der-optimierung-des-eigenen-microgrids/

RTSoft GmbH

AllJoyn — Die IIoT-Alternative

Hubert Hafner, Roman Alyautdin

Ein Bericht von: Computer-Automation

Computer & Automation 2/2018

AllJoyn ist eine Open-Source-IoT-Initiative, die auf den Consumer-Electronic-Markt abzielt. Das Ziel: Geräte und Systeme erkennen sich selbstständig und interagieren. Erste AllJoyn-Anbindungen für CAN-basierte Produkte machen das Framework auch für die Industrie interessant.

Um ein Internet der Dinge zu schaffen, das nicht aus vielen Insellösungen besteht, sondern wirklich alles mit allem verbinden kann, haben führende Hersteller aus dem Consumer-Electronics-Markt das Open-Source-Projekt AllJoyn gestartet, das nun von der Open Connectivity Foundation gepflegt wird. Das Ziel des Projektes: Engineering- und Runtime-Framework bereitzustellen, mit dem man Geräte aller Art miteinander kommunizieren lassen kann – also Interoperabilität über alle Protokoll-, Technologie- und Herstellergrenzen hinweg. Als universelles Framework verbindet AllJoyn folglich Devices Peer-to-Peer sowie über Clouds und ist unabhängig von Transport-Layer, Gerätetyp, Controllerplattform oder Betriebssystem.

Der Vorteil eines solchen Frameworks ist, dass es einfach wird, Devices miteinander zu verbinden und gemeinsame Applikationen und Services bereitzustellen, was auch den Mehrwert eines jeden AllJoyn befähigten Produktes steigert. Anbieter industrieller Applikationen profitieren bei solchen mächtigen Frameworks zusätzlich von der weiten Verbreitung im kommerziellen Segment. Die Verbreitung bringt ihnen die Sicherheit, dass es vergleichsweise deutlich ausgereifter ist, sodass sich Lösungen damit kostengünstiger umsetzen lassen. Ein weiterer Vorteil: Die Benutzer sind mit der Anwendung der Technologie bereits vertraut, da sie diese auch in ihrem privaten Umfeld nutzen. Hersteller können zudem bereits auf Lösungen von über 200 Technologiepartnern aus unterschiedlichsten Branchen zurückgreifen. Hierunter finden sich zahlreiche Anbieter von Markenartikeln aus der Consumer-und Home-Electronics-Branche, wie LG und Loewe aus dem Smart-TV-Segment oder Elektrolux aus der Haushalts- und Küchengerätesparte sowie Netgear mit Netzwerkprodukten und Honeywell aus dem Automatisierungsbereich. Auch namhafte Halbleiterhersteller wie Intel, Qualcomm und Samsung sind Mitglieder, ebenso wie Netz- und Services-Anbieter wie Vodafone, Software-Anbieter wie Microsoft und Symantec. Weitere Mitglieder sind das Rote Kreuz in Spanien sowie weitere Nutzerorganisationen wie die Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA).

Lesen Sie mehr https://www.computer-automation.de/unternehmensebene/produktionssoftware/artikel/150678/